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Keyboard & Protective Case

for iPhone 4 • 4s  and  5 • 5s​

Making the iPhone as Easy to Type On as it is to Touch!

We’re not saying that the virtual keyboard that Steve gave us isn’t great, but typing more than a few words on glass isn’t great, accurate, or natural. That’s where our Spike TypeSmart keyboards come in. Unlike any other keyboards available today, we wanted to create a suite of products that complemented the iPhone’s impeccable quality and elegant form factor, and at the same time let you type and text easier, faster, and with fewer mistakes, under virtually all conditions, even if you’re wearing gloves!



We have carefully engineered Spike, so in a flash, you can transition from typing to making or receiving a call, launching any of your apps, or playing Angry Birds, and then back to typing, all without missing a beat!  Because we believe you should always have a choice, our initial suite consists of two versions, an iPhone 4 /4S model as well as an iPhone 5 model. Both versions incorporate our proprietary TypeSmart keyboard that has been carefully integrated into handsome iPhone protective cases. Of course, we will manufacture them using only premium materials that are suitable for an Apple accessory product.  We call our keyboard technology TypeSmart, because it’s the natural and smart way to type on your iPhone!  Best of all, with Spike, you have a keyboard when you need it and it disappears when you don’t want it.


Precision Input

We wanted to engineer a keyboard that would offer you the easiest, fastest, and most error-free way to type on your iPhone. We have paid careful attention to even the smallest detail and through rigorous user testing. We’ve designed a keyboard whose layout includes individually sculptured keycaps and snap-touch keys that lets your fingers find and feel every letter you type.  Now, writing emails, texts, or your thesis couldn’t be easier. Spike’s keyboard simply provides the accuracy that typing on glass with fingers cannot ever achieve, that’s our definition of Precision Input!




Disruptive Technology

It has taken us over two years to develop our proprietary TypeSmart keyboard technology (patent pending). This technology allowed us to create a keyboard for Spike, that in contrast to any other product, doesn’t require plugging in, Bluetooth, or any external power source. An additional benefit derived from this technology, is that unlike typing on the iPhone’s touchscreen, if you have longer fingernails or even if wearing gloves you can still type and text like a champ using Spike’s keyboard!  Importantly, it let us design a full-function keyboard that is less than ¼ inch thick, enabling us to integrate the keyboard into a protective case, while maintaining the elegance and sleek form factor of your iPhone.

In the future, our TypeSmart technology will also be applicable to keyboards and input products for other touchscreen phones and tablets.

“Spike is the most impressive iPhone physical keyboard + protective case we’ve seen yet"
Redmond Pie

“[Spike] may force BlackBerry users everywhere to take a second look at the iPhone.”
Huffington Post

“Finally, the Spike from SoloMatrix is a real BlackBerry-style keyboard for iPhone”​
iPhone Life Magazine​

“The concept is appealing to pretty much anyone who does a fair amount of typing – email and texting come to mind, but note-taking and other such activities are also legitimate reasons for wanting a faster way to input text.”

“As anyone who has typed on a glass keyboard knows, it’s not the best surface for the task. Most people can type faster and more accurately with a tactile keyboard, and Spike lets people do that”
PC World

“It’ll easily be the most usable keyboard/case for iPhone yet”​
Today’s iPhone​

“As if RIM didn’t already have enough to worry about”
Toronto Life

“The Spike TypeSmart keyboard case for iPhone looks to address the age-old argument of the hardware keyboard being a better way to input text”

“SoloMatrix Spike gives your iPhone a unique physical keyboard”
Cult of Mac​​
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