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Robert Solomon

Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Robert is the visionary behind the SoloMatrix corporate and product roadmap. For 20 years, products designed by Mr. Solomon and manufactured by Datadesk Technologies have been winning awards for technical achievement from the computer press, user groups and retailers. At DataDesk, Mr. Solomon created the Palm Mini-Keyboard (the first detachable keyboard for PDAs marketed exclusively by Palm), and LittleFingers (the first keyboard designed for children and adults with small hands). Additional keyboard milestones were the SwitchBoard, the first user-configuable keyboard, the MAC-101, one of the laegest selling accessories for the Macintosh marketed and sold by Microsoft in conjunction with Word for the Macintosh and developed for Apple the Extended Keyboard, became the keyboard of choice for most early Macintosh users. Prior to Datadesk, Mr. Solomon developed the first personal information management software and sold it to Borland International, where it became one of the best-selling software applications of its time.

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