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SoloMatrix, Inc. is a Seattle area technology company founded by industry veteran Robert Solomon and his son, Cody Solomon. They realized with the introduction of the iPhone that typing error-free on glass using the on-screen keyboard would be challenging and difficult for many users. Especially for those who send and receive lots of daily emails and text messages. Utilizing patent pending technology, SoloMatrix has developed the Spike suite of physical keyboards for the iPhone. They are integrated into sleek protective cases and don’t require plugging-in, charging, or Bluetooth. They have been designed to complement the iPhone’s slim form-factor and elegant design and at the same time, making it as easy to type on as it is to touch!

Who's on our Management Team?

Robert Solomon  |  Steve Korn  |  Hans van Houte  |  Cody Solomon


The SoloMatrix Advisory Board is made of a diverse group of business

professionals who have exemplary qualifications in technology, product development, marketing, and finance. 

Who's on our Advisory Board?

Andrew EisnerAlan Chaffee  |  Jeff Brein​  |  Jason McCarty

"It's easy to acknowledge the fact that the future of popular computine lies with handheld web enabled appliances."

— Peter Lewis, The New York Times

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